Doorlink Plus

Based in Waikato, Doorlink Plus are an experienced door installer and service provider; installing, repairing and servicing a wide range of doors for commercial and industrial establishments. We also provide traffic management services such as installing plastic barriers, guidance rails and pedestrian traffic signs.

Why Doorlink Plus?

Experience and Expertise:

We’ve been keeping in the loop with the latest door technologies during our 10 years of experience installing doors for hundreds of commercial business premises. We never stop researching to keep our products and services relevant to today’s world whilst keeping it cost-effective and easy to use. In short, if it’s about commercial doors, we are the experts.

Competent and Helpful:

We realise that unexpected issues could sometimes happen with your doors. Our customers love Doorlink Plus because we love helping them solve whatever issues they have. If you need to repair or service your doors, we will always be happy to help you with the most effective and most cost-efficient solutions.


To provide our customers with the best door solutions by having a wide range of top-quality doors and to provide the most effective, cost-efficient services with the ultimate goal of making our customers 100% satisfied.


Our research team keeps our product range up-to-date to today’s technologies, our production team understands the significance of meticulous manufacturing while our repair and service experts are always ready to help you whenever you need.

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